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Tuck expert opinion and commentary is often sought by the news media. Here’s a sampling of some Tuck expertise that relates to international themes and topics.

The Dartmouth

Slaughter aims to refine Tuck mission — in one sentence

Nov 19, 2015 /Dean Matthew Slaughter shares his plans to build on Tuck's strong reputation and sense of community.
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Trump says China gets an advantage from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Nov 13, 2015 /Emily Blanchard says it is very implausible that China will benefit from the TPP.
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Valley News

Primary Source: Candidates Now Flooding the Valley

Nov 05, 2015 /Gov. John Lynch is quoted in an article that highlights US Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent visit to Dartmouth. Lynch said he found it odd that an experienced lawmaker such as Graham…
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Financial Times

Dean of Dartmouth Tuck Focuses on 115-Year Old Heritage

Nov 02, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter says, “The biggest thing we are focused on is articulating a fresher vision of where Tuck will be in the future. We need to think how in a world of MOOCs and other…
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Entrepreneurship: Teaching risk-taking

Oct 22, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter points out that only a handful of students will start a company upon graduation, most graduates will start off in a corporate environment to pay off debt and gain…
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Fed ‘Painted in a Corner’

Oct 12, 2015 /Peter Fisher argues that one of the reasons we have such weak energy and commodity pricing is because the interest rate has been kept at zero for the past eight years. Fisher states,…
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Will the DC Mess Force the Fed to Increase the Stimulus?

Oct 09, 2013 /Professor Matthew Slaughter says a government default could have a devastating effect on the U.S. economy.
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Nomination for the Fed Chair Means A Little Less Uncertainty

Oct 09, 2013 /Associate Dean Matthew Slaughter comments on today's nomination of Janet Yellen.
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Wall Street Journal

Five Pieces of Advice for Next Fed Chair

Sep 20, 2013 /Peter Fisher, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Business and Government, lists five challenges for Ben Bernanke's successor.
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Despite being traditional allies, big business now fed up with Capitol Hill

Oct 04, 2013 /Professor Paul Argenti says the business community wants a solution to the government shutdown.
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