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American Companies and Global Supply Networks

U.S. economic growth and job creation increasingly hinge on the success of American companies in the global economy, reports a new economic study released today by the Business Roundtable (BRT) and the United States Council for International Business (USCIB). 

The report by CGBG Faculty Director Matthew Slaughter, the Signal Companies' Professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, is titled “American Companies and Global Supply Networks: Driving U.S. Economic Growth and Jobs by Connecting with the World.” It provides details on the critical links among globally engaged U.S. companies, their international operations and supply networks, and U.S. economic growth and employment. 

The study reveals three main points about globally engaged U.S. companies:

  1. Globally engaged U.S. companies are the driving force in U.S. capital investment, R&D and international trade – all of which are essential to supporting economic growth and well-paying jobs in the United States.
  2. They must engage in the global economy to access new customers and ideas so they can remain dynamic and innovative, and continue to grow.
  3. Global growth supports more hiring, investment and R&D in U.S. operations and also creates jobs in other U.S. companies, often small- and medium-sized, within their global supply chains.

Read the press release from the Business Roundtable here. Read the full report here.