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Welcome IE Business School Students

This week, Oct. 15-19, we are pleased to welcome 15 students from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. They are here for a mini course with Tuck faculty titled Forces of Change in the Global Economy. This is an exchange program, so Tuck students will be hosted at IE in March.

The staff at the Center for Global Business and Government worked with CGBG Faculty Director Matt Slaughter to develop the course and engage the students throughout the week. Thank you to the following professors who are teaching this week:
• Christopher Trimble (Great Idea! Now What?)
• Kusum Ailawadi (Managing Brands, Customer, and Channel Members in the Information Age)
• Philip Ferneau (Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in the U.S.)
• Anant Sundaram (Opportunities in the Emerging Global Climate Economy)
• Brian Tomlin (Global Operations Strategy)
• Matthew Slaughter (The Global Economy: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going)
• Richard D’Aveni (Chaos and Order in Competitive Markets: Hypercompetition and Global Spheres of Influence)

Using feedback from prior participants, we also organized several opportunities for Tuck students to meet and interact with the IE students, such as:
• A symposium for both Tuck and IE students with Prof. Slaughter titled Perspectives on the Euro Crisis, which will be followed by a networking reception
• Guided tours by Tuck students of the Tuck and Dartmouth campuses and the Hood Museum, followed by dinner at local restaurants
• Welcome and farewell dinners

If you should see one of our guests this week, please say hello and help them feel at home! If you would like to have a chance to meet with them, please let us know!

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