Tuck Learning Expeditions

Learning Expeditions are elective courses at Tuck that enable MBA students to develop the skills and self-awareness that are critical for success in global business. In the context of visiting a country that is new to them and with the guidance of Tuck faculty, students learn how to absorb key information about a country; analyze how their own background shapes the way they see the world, interact with people and conduct business; and adapt their behavior to succeed in new environments. Learning Expeditions are open to first- and second-year students, and they take place during spring break in March.

Students should monitor email and watch for details about information sessions during fall term.

March 2015 destinations:
• Georgia/Armenia with Prof. Stephen Powell and CDO Associate Director Lizzie Napier
• Israel with Prof. Adam Kleinbaum
• Japan with Prof. Curt Welling
• Netherlands with Prof. Robert Hansen
• South Africa with Prof. Phillip Stocken
• United Arab Emirates/Qatar with Prof. Dirk Vandewalle


trips departing in 2012-2014