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LEADERSHIP IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (LGE) taught by Professor Matthew J. Slaughter

One of the most striking developments of the World Financial Crisis, one whose causes and consequences will take years to fully understand, has been the sharp escalation of the government’s role in business. For business leaders, government is now much more factor in strategic planning: as a possible revenue source; as a competitor; and as a regulator of corporate choices regarding capital markets, labor contracts, energy costs, health costs, taxation, and international trade and investment. And many CEOs and boards of directors are finding that government leaders and their citizens are often unsure of their motives and consequences. This dynamic, then, presents a central question for LGE: how will you lead companies when countries have so many more connections to your business—connections that often spring from government wariness, not support, of the private sector? In this mini-course, each student works to develop his or her own answers to this question by developing Teachable Points of View regarding current global business topics that include the rise of the BRIC countries and support for “strategic industries.” Class sessions are structured as mock Congressional hearings in which students prepare, debate, and defend CEO testimonies.

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